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Foundation Repair Keeps Homes Around Naperville Safe

Have you experienced vertigo while walking across the floors in your home? Chances are, you could need a foundation repair in Naperville or the surrounding areas.  Unlevel floors in your home are just one of the signs that something is wrong with your foundation. If you're having difficulty opening and closing doors or windows, this is another sign that there could be foundation problems present. 

Instead of continuing to struggle with opening doors and windows or feeling that strange vertigo feeling when you're walking around the house, call us now. We can schedule an appointment for one of our foundation experts to come out and check your foundation for cracks, leaks, or other serious issues.  Our Pro Foundation Fixers will get to the heart of the problem and provide you with a written estimate for foundation repairs. 

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Get Foundation Crack Repair in Plainfield Today

One of the most basic problems you may face with foundations is cracks. This is why we provide foundation crack repair in Plainfield, IL, and surrounding areas. Remember that many of the cracks we repair are usually surface cracks that can easily be filled with epoxy or some other filler. Filling cracks will keep out air, water, and critters. 

If your cracks are much wider than one-eighth inch, this may indicate much more serious problems with your foundation, which will require more than crack repair. In such cases, we will recommend much more critical foundation repair techniques. 

To learn more about crack repair and lock in your no-obligation estimate, call today!

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Does Your Warrenville Home Need Crawl Space Encapsulation?

If you don't have a basement or a home with a slab foundation, chances are you have a home with a crawl space. As with other types of foundations, homes with crawl spaces can have issues. These problems include moisture issues, strange odors, pests, wood rot, and various other issues that could cause pricey foundation damage. 

So how can we make your Warrenville home foundation safe? We typically do so with crawl space encapsulation. Using this foundation repair technique, we aim to eliminate the moisture in your crawl space which can lead to wood rot, bad odors, pest infestations, and other issues. 

Are you ready to schedule an inspection for foundation repair in Warrenville? Call today, and we will have someone check out your crawl space and provide you with a FREE estimate. 

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Could Your Home In Woodridge Be Unlevel? Foundation Repair is Key

That vertigo you're experiencing walking across your floors may not be a medical condition. Instead, it could be your foundation is unlevel and causing your floors to be unlevel. Unlevel floors may indicate that something is seriously wrong with your foundation, and we will need to address these issues right away to avoid a partial or total collapse of your home's foundation. Not only will delaying this issue put your entire home at risk but could lead to even more costly repairs. 

Don't delay! Your Woodridge home could be in danger! Call one of our experts today to schedule your inspection and get a FREE quote on foundation repair in Woodridge. 

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Get Slab Foundation Repair For Your Boilingbrook Foundation

Have you recently pulled into your garage and noticed cracks forming in the floor of it? In the worst-case scenario, this could be a sign of a serious foundation problem, mainly if there is a plumbing problem beneath the surface. Before we can proceed with fixing your foundation issue, you will need to address the plumbing problem with a local plumber. Or you may have to contact a tree company if a tree root has burrowed under your foundation, causing it to buckle. 

In the best-case scenario, this could be a minor foundation issue in which a little of the soil beneath the foundation has eroded, causing the foundation floor to crack and drop. In some cases, we may be able to use our slab jacking process to pump cement underneath the foundation and lift it back into place. 

Call today to schedule an inspection so we can determine the best way to help with your foundation issue. 

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Will You Need a French Drain in Romeoville?

Is there lots of water on your lawn that doesn't seem to drain away effectively after it rains? Not only could this form disease in the grass on your lawn and create pest problems, but it could also cause problems with your foundation. It is imperative that water that accumulates in your yard quickly exits after it rains. Pools of water could start allowing water into your basement or crawl space, deteriorating your foundation. 

We can install a French drain in your yard to combat this issue. This helps channel excess water away from your lawn, helping with drainage and keeping your foundation safe from moisture. 

If you are struggling with this problem, call today to schedule an appointment with a foundation expert and get your free quote on foundation repair in Romeoville, IL. 

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Trust our local Naperville experts to inspect your home's foundation and make sure you're living on solid ground! Call us at (630) 864-5477
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