House Leveling in Naperville to Restore Equilibrium

You May Need House Leveling in Naperville If...

If walking through your house lately has made you feel like you're wandering in Wonderland, you may need house-leveling in Naperville. No, your name isn't Alice, and you aren't falling into an imaginary hole in the ground. That uneasy feeling you may experience when you walk throughout your house could be a result of uneven floors. 

Over time, as the soil shifts under homes, this could make your home's foundation sink. As a result, this could affect the overall structure of your house, especially your floors. When you walk around in some rooms of your house, you may experience vertigo which could cause you to misstep. You may think you're a bit clumsy when in fact, your foundation may be crumbling beneath you.

Don't let your home become a sinking ship! Call Pro Foundation Fixers right away to inspect your foundation and provide you with a quote on house leveling. 

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Signs You Need House Leveling in Naperville

Your home that was once beautiful and majestic may have started looking like it's fresh out of a horror movie. It's not that you intend to have your home looking like a house of horrors. It could be that the foundation may be crumbling apart, and you may not know it. House leveling can help you get your home back to normal. But what are some signs you need foundation leveling?

  • There may be huge stair-shaped cracks running down the side of your house.
  • Your chimney may have dislodged from the house. 
  • One side of your home looks like the leaning tower of Piza.
  • Your doors and windows are difficult to open. 
  • The basement or crawl space has much more water coming in after storms. 
  • You notice cracks in the interior and exterior walls. 

Keep in mind that not all signs may be visible to the homeowner. This is why it is critical that you establish annual foundation inspections so that a structural engineer and discover such problems and fix them before they get expensive. 

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Help! My House Is Uneven

In most cases, you'll know that something is wrong with the foundation of your home long before you get a sinking feeling. So, hopefully, we won't have to get an emergency call from you about your house sinking. But it can and does happen for many homeowners. To discourage such drastic problems and keep your costs low, we encourage you to establish regular foundation inspections.

Many homeowners get foundation inspections once a year. But we like to encourage you to get them twice a year. Extreme temperature changes can change the consistency of the soil under your home. So, the inspection performed last fall may not be valid this spring. A substantial amount of damage may have occurred underneath your home in just one season of a freeze-and-thaw cycle. 

Call us today so that we can discover why your house is falling and determine if you need our services for leveling house foundation in Naperville. Keep in mind we offer FREE inspections and FREE estimates on this service. 

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Why You Should Choose Our Foundation Repair Company

Are you looking around DuPage county and the surrounding areas for a reputable foundation repair company? Here is why you should choose us.

  • We have the credentials.

Our foundation repair company is licensed and insured to operate within the local area. So you can rest assured that you are in good hands and that your foundation repairs will be done correctly. 

  • We're locally owned. 

Our team was born in raised. So you never have to worry about outsiders handling your foundation issues. 

  • Our work is guaranteed.

If our work isn't right, we will make it right, that is our promise to you. 

  • We provide FREE inspections and FREE estimates. 

You don't have to pay a fee to have your foundation inspected. We provide free inspections and free written estimates that are accurate and comprehensive.

  • We are flexible. 

You can have all the work done at one time or allow us to fix the most critical parts of your foundation right away and get to minor repairs later.



See what our customers have to say:
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"I had a great experience with the team at Pro Foundation Fixers! Our foundation was cracking on the outside of our home and we were concerned about the structural integrity of our house. They came out and quickly assessed the damage and recommended a course of action. We would highly recommend them!"
- James T.

Other Foundation Services Our Experts Provide

Only in extreme cases will a residential or commercial building need house leveling. Typically older, historic homes or buildings may need leveling or slab jacking. Or homes built on soil that isn't load-bearing. But most of our customer will likely need some of our other foundation services. These include crawl space encapsulation, basement waterproofing, foundation crack repair, slab jacking, pier and beam foundation repair, and more. To learn which foundation repair you need, schedule an inspection with one of our knowledgeable foundation contractors and get your FREE estimate today!

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Get Started with Professional Foundation Repair!

Trust our local Naperville experts to inspect your home's foundation and make sure you're living on solid ground! Call us at (630) 864-5477
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