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"I had a great experience with the team at Pro Foundation Fixers! Our foundation was cracking on the outside of our home, and we were concerned about the structural integrity of our house. They came out, quickly assessed the damage, and recommended a course of action. We would highly recommend them!"
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Why You Should Choose Pro Foundation Fixers

Comprehensive Foundation Inspections

Our foundations inspections are performed by highly skilled structural professionals
We check all areas of the foundation for cracks, leaks, pests, and other related issues
Upon checking the entire premise of your property, we provide a detailed estimate

Outstanding Foundation Repair Services

For problems with your crawl space, count on our crawl space encapsulation
Our house leveling services are guaranteed to get you back on even ground
We keep your lawn flood free with French drain installation

Dependable, Knowledgeable Professionals

Our services are consistently receive top ratings from our highly satisfied customers
We guarantee our workmanship and provide 100 percent customer satisfaction 
Our foundation repair company is fully licensed and insured in Naperville
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Proper Foundation Repair In Naperville is What We Deliver!

There could be many reasons why you have foundation problems in Naperville. One of the biggest is shifting soils underneath your home. Soils may erode which could cause parts of your home to sink. Or they may swell which can push parts of your foundation upward. In either case, you may see cracks in the foundation walls or floors. Besides shifting soils, your foundation may be compromised due to the age of the piers or due to damage caused by wood-destroying pests such as carpenter ants or termites. 

For over 20 years, Pro Foundation Fixers has been keeping foundations in homes and businesses safe in Naperville and surrounding areas of Plainfield, Warrenville, Woodridge, Bolingbrook, and Romeoville. We use various foundation repair methods to get your foundation in top shape. For our attention to detail and dependable service, our foundation repair company has received top ratings. 

Are you ready to resolve your foundation issue in Naperville? Call us today to schedule an inspection and get a no-obligation, free estimate on any one of our top-rated services. 

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We're restoring confidence in your foundation!

Protect Your Family and Your Home With Our Services

The foundation of your home can affect many parts of your house including the roof, chimney, and walls. Partial or complete collapse of your foundation doesn't only cause problems for your home but could also cause injury. We work quickly and efficiently to get your home back on level ground. Here are some of the remarkable services we use. 

Basement Repair

The basement can be the source of many foundation problems including leaks, bowing walls, and mold problems. Since this is a room in your house, you will likely notice foundation problems here easily. If you notice problems with your basement foundation, such as a wall or floor cracks call us right away for basement foundation repair. 

Residential Services

For over 20 years, our company has helped numerous homeowners by repairing their foundation cracks, waterproofing their basements and crawl spaces, and leveling their homes. For our dedication and hard work, we've become one of the most trusted home foundation companies in Naperville. 

Commercial Services

Our contractors not only perform work for residential customers but are also highly skilled at providing commercial foundation repair. Our portfolio includes various commercial properties, including churches, government buildings, schools, retail spaces, and industrial buildings. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you suspect you have foundation problems? Check out these frequently asked questions about foundation issues and learn more on our blog.

Are all cracks in my foundation something that I should be concerned about?

All cracks shouldn't be a concern. However, our experts will be able to discern whether the cracks are cosmetic or a result of a major foundation problem. When you see cracks in your wall or foundation, it is a good idea to call on a foundation expert to check the structural integrity of your foundation. 

I smell a damp, musty smell coming from by basement. What should I do? 

Such smells could mean that your basement has a moisture problem that has started to create mold. If this problem isn't addressed immediately, mold remediation could cost several hundred or several thousand dollars to fix. To prevent this and other foundation problems, it is a good idea to have annual inspections. This allows contractors to catch problems while they are small. 

My basement walls appear to be sweating. Is this normal?

"Sweaty" basement walls are not normal. It indicates that you have a moisture problem in your basement that we'll need to address right away to keep pests and mold at bay. 

More About Our Top-Rated Foundation Services in Naperville

So much can go wrong with your foundation. Luckily, our highly skilled foundation contractors know various techniques to repair the foundation in your home or business. Check out the foundation repair services we offer in Naperville. 

We Provide Detailed Foundation Inspections and Estimates

Before we get started on any foundation projects, we must start with a comprehensive foundation inspection in Naperville. One of our contractors will visit your property and examine the foundation for leaks, cracks, pests, and various other foundation problems. After inspecting your property, we compile all of our findings into an estimate, detailing major and minor issues with your foundation. 

To get started, call one of our friendly team members to schedule your inspection and get a FREE estimate on one of our outstanding foundation repair services. 
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Our Foundation Crack Repair in Naperville 

Some foundation cracks may be cosmetic, meaning we can fix them by filling them in with some epoxy, making them less visible. Other cracks are structural. Filling them in won't fix the problem. Instead, we will have to use one of our more advanced foundation techniques to get rid of these cracks. We can close these cracks using industry-leading repair methods. 

Give us a call for foundation crack repair services today! 

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Keep Your Home Secure With House Leveling in Naperville

Over time, the soils under your house or business can erode which could cause your foundation to sag. The way that you may know that your house is unlevel is because your windows or doors don't shut properly. Additonally, you may notice parts of your floor sink in at certain points. To remedy this problem, our expert contractors may have to use house leveling in Naperville. 

Don't let your foundation slip from underneath you! Call today to schedule your inspection and get a FREE quote on our house leveling in Naperville. 
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Do You Need Basement Foundation Repair?

You may need a basement foundation repair in Naperville for a variety of reasons. One of the most apparent reasons is cracks in the walls for floors. Large cracks can let in water, air, and pests. Therefore, it is a good idea to resolve this issue as soon as possible. 

Another basement foundation issue could be related to moisture issues. If water is getting into your basement, you may need our waterproofing services to keep water out. 

One more foundation issue you may have in your basement is bowing walls. This usually stems from hydrostatic pressure building up on the exterior of your basement walls. 

Our contractors can fix any of these foundation problems using our state-of-the art foundation techniques. 

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We Fill the Voids in Your Foundation With Slab Foundation Repair in Naperville

As you may know by now, one of the major causes of foundation issues is shifting soil. The soil under house house may be eroding causing pockets of space to form which causes your slab foudation to crack and sink. This uneven foundation is not only a trip hazard but can also affect the structural foundation of your home. 

When this type of foundation damage occurs, we may be able to use slab jacking as a way to repair your foundation. Using foam, we gently lift your concrete slab back into place to fill the void where soil has eroded. Our foam can hold your slab in place for several decades. 

*Slab jacking foundation services available, weather permitting.
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Our Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Lift Your Home Or Business Back Into Place

Sometimes your home will need more than foam to lift it back into place. If you have a home with a crawl space, this type of home may be built on a pier and beam foundation. Over time, moisture can get into the crawl space and cause mold to form. This can lead to wood rot. Moisture can attract wood-destroying pests. As a result, your foundation may begin to shift.

In addition to wood destruction, your original piers may also shift causing the foundation to sink. Our team may need to replace all or some of your piers in order to lift your home or business back into place. 

When your home or business slips out of place, our team of contractors is ready to put it back where it belongs. Call today to learn more about our pier and beam service and get your FREE estimate. 

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Our Exceptional Foundation Repair - Naperville, IL & Surrounding Areas

No matter how big or small your foundation problem is, we can help! For over 20 years, Pro Foundation Fixers has fixed foundation issues for residents and local businesses. Below is a list of the areas we cover. If you live in these Naperville areas nearby, don't hesitate to call about our foundation services. 

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We Guarantee Stability With Your Foundation

Don't let your foundation ruin the structural integrity of your home or business property. Call us today at (630) 864-5477 for a free quote. 
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